My Night-Time Routine (End of 2017-Beginning of 2018)

For awhile my night-time routine was simple: Shower, remove my makeup if I wasn’t feeling too lazy or just leave it on, have a snack, and go to bed. I didn’t care much about my skin or anything and it showed. I’ve never had a serious acne problem, but I do always have at least one or two zits at a time and I do get the occasional bad breakouts. Through my new routine I’ve been taking better care of my skin though and I enjoy the end of the day a lot more now. Here’s a little taste of what a normal night has been like for me:

DISCLAIMER: I’m not saying any of these products are guaranteed to give the same results, just giving my opinion and experience. Also, none of this is sponsored or anything.

  1. Shower- I’m more of a night/evening shower person than a morning shower person, so I start my routine off with a hot shower after I’ve removed my makeup.
  2. Face care- After I’ve washed my face in the shower, it’s time for the more in-depth and beneficial face stuff. Here are the two main products I’ve incorporated into my routine:

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First I use Soap & Glory’s Face Soap and Clarity facial wash. It gives my face a little bit of extra cleaning and leaves my skin a little smoother than any washrag and generic soap we use at my house. I noticed after just a few uses that some of my acne actually did go away.

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The other product I’ve been using actually came from my FabFitFun box and even though I haven’t used it for very long I’m already super impressed and in love with it. This is the Whish Nourishing Dew Mask- Rose Hip + Lotus (I used a picture of the back of it so you can see all the info they have on it). After using this mask my face is so smooth and soft! My face has never felt so good and I’m so happy!

3. Hair- This part is pretty simple.

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Besides shampoo and conditioner, this is the only product I put in my hair at night. This is the Beauty Protector Protect & Detangle leave-in conditioner. After I’m done washing my face and my hair is still wet I spray some of this through my hair and rub it through before I brush my hair.

My hair is very frizzy, coarse, and thick. Before I used this product (this is a sample I got from  another subscription box but I will be purchasing the full sized product for sure) I was always so frustrated with how horrible my hair looked after it dried. When I use this, my hair is easier to brush through and it feels soft and when it’s all dried my hair doesn’t look as frizzy as it used to. It’s still frizzy, but definitely not as bad.

4. Now it’s time for my favorite part: FOOD!! My night-time snack changes every night. Sometimes it’s pasta, sometimes it’s leftover pizza, chips, fruit, or even salad now (just started eating salad recently). I have no limit to what I consider a night-time snack. As long as it tastes good I’m all for it. I also have a cup of coffee at this time too. That probably isn’t the best idea but it never keeps me up or seems to have a negative effect and I love it a lot so….yeah.

5. This is the time when I finish up or work on any school things I didn’t get done during the day. This also now includes working on the blog!

6. Even though through this entire process I’ve probably been watching YouTube or Netflix the whole time (not in the shower though), this is when I brush my teeth, get in bed, get comfy, and watch something on my iPad or laptop until I fall asleep.

My routine has developed a lot in the last year and my skin and I are very grateful for it. I feel more relaxed at night and I feel good about it! I like routine, so not having one would stress me out a lot. I didn’t even realize I had a routine though until about a month ago and now I can’t imagine not having one! Anyways, I hope you liked reading this post and maybe even found a part of it you’d like to add to your routine as well!

Thanks for reading 🙂

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