What I’ve Learned So Far In College

As I mentioned in my first blog post I am currently a student at a community college here in Tennessee to get my general education requirements out of the way before transferring. I’m about to start my second semester and I thought I’d share some things I’ve learned about college so far.

1. While you can get by procrastinating, it still isn’t a good idea. I’m a procrastinator, but I learned that at least starting on papers and assignments ahead of time is a much better idea.

2. Getting textbooks ahead of time is smart and less overwhelming. My first day of classes almost all my teachers immediately started trying to use the textbooks and putting up assignments due the next day that required the textbooks. I had waited until after the first day to buy my books because I didn’t want to buy all of them if some weren’t even going to be used. That was stupid of me because I ended up getting so panicked in class because I didn’t have my books yet. Lesson learned.

3. STUDY BEFORE FINALS! I didn’t study very hard for my math final because there were just too many equations to remember. I got a C. Still passing, but I could’ve done better. I often find though that studying the day of and even up to the last minutes before a final is a good thing to do. I did that before my other finals and I did pretty good on those!

4. Every professor is different. Not every professor is laid back and they all have different teaching styles. Some even really like to pile on the work. I had one teacher who was so laid back we never were able to finish a chapter in class and had to finish them on my own time, and one teacher who made sure we had almost everything done we needed to finish. Some professors are GREAT and others are not so good. Luckily you only have to deal with them for one semester so it isn’t the worst thing ever.

5. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. My English teacher must have been so annoyed with my constant emails with questions about my papers, but she was always very sweet and helpful. I don’t know how I would’ve done in that class if I hadn’t asked for help.

6. It’s definitely different than high school. I mean one day on my way to class there was a dude standing on some little platform in the grass PREACHING. I had never seen that before at a school. You couldn’t do that in high school. It was very weird. Even though I go to church it was still weird and very random.

These are just a few things I have learned so far after one semester of college. I have plenty more semesters to go and more to learn though and I’m ready for it! Kinda… it’s still school. And I’m lazy haha!

Thanks for reading 🙂

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