4 of My Favorite Places to Eat

So as I’ve probably mentioned before, I LOVE to eat. I plan my whole day around when I plan to have my snacks, haha! Since moving to Tennessee I’ve discovered some new favorite places to eat and some I still have from when I lived in Ohio for 17 years. Here’s a little list of 4 of my favorite places to eat:

• Noodles & Company- We had this in Ohio and we have this is Tennessee, but it’s always been 45 minutes to an hour away no matter where we’ve lived it seems like. I actually haven’t been here since the move, but I’m hoping to go for lunch sometime soon with my mom since she loves it too. My favorite thing to get is butter noodles with Parmesan chicken.

• La Michoacana Delicious- This is a little ice cream place in Gallatin. At this place they have some of the best ice cream I think I’ve ever had. I get the pistachio ice cream which has little pistachio bits in it and it’s AMAZING (pictured above)! Their ice creams are so colorful and cute! They have actual food as well but I only really go there for ice cream so I haven’t had the food. It looks good though! Also, the walls inside are so bright and fun I could go in there just to enjoy the atmosphere!

• Mable’s Dining Room- this is a cute little restaurant also in Gallatin my family heard of through someone from my mom’s work. I immediately liked this place because they have frog legs which I LOVE! And they were really good! They make a lot of home style foods and the waitresses we’ve had there are so friendly!

• Chinese buffets- so I couldn’t just pick one Chinese buffet because there’s quite a few that I like, but I really like Chinese food so I couldn’t leave it out of the list!

If you’re ever in the Nashville or Gallatin or Hendersonville area, try out some of these places! I don’t think you’ll be disappointed! What are some of your favorite places to eat?


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