About Me

3630da45-3862-4888-b887-e476ec87f4a4Hey there, reader! If you’re wondering who the person behind the paragraphs is, it’s me. My name is Abby, I’m 18 years old and I live in Nashville, Tennessee. Well not really IN it, but close enough that I could drive there in about 45 minutes and group myself into that area. I’m originally from Cincinnati, Ohio and lived in the same house my entire life until we moved to Tennessee in June of 2016 (right before my senior year of high school). The move was really hard for me because I had to leave the place and people I had grown so familiar with. I also had to leave behind my church family which was also difficult. I’m very happy where I am now though and I’m glad we made this move. It introduced me to so many great people and things and I LOVE exploring Nashville.

As far as my family goes I have an adorable dog (seen on my home page) named Riley. I also live with my mom and dad and two siblings. My sister is 15  and my brother is 10. My grandparents also only live 15 minutes away and they are so awesome. I’m very grateful for my family!

During my freshman year of high school I started having panic attacks and realized I had anxiety. I worry ALL THE TIME. I’m even anxious about this blog to be honest, but I also really want to do it. I also have a little OCD to add to it, but that is the least of my problems. It’s mainly social anxiety. Normal interactions can sometimes be hard for me and I over-analyze every facial expression or things someone says. Panic attacks happen a lot too. I’m trying to deal with them as best I can though and I know I can get through it and I’m still so blessed to have the life I have and anxiety won’t stop me from enjoying it, even if it gets a little hard sometimes.

As far as things I’m interested in…. I love coffee, FOOD, Harry potter, reading, music (I kind of play piano), watching YouTube, I’m terrible at makeup but I really do like it and want to get better, and I love dogs!! I also love The Office and I Love Lucy.

My plans for the future: After I’m done with my two years of community college and getting my general education classes out of the way, I plan to go to a bigger university or online school to get a degree in Marketing or more specifically Social Media/ Internet Marketing.

Anyways, I hope you like the things I write! And here’s a picture of me and my dog (Ignore the creepy glowing eyes). 🙂